About the Artist


Owner, textile artist, historian and entrepreneur Marcia Messina has been creating in textiles for over 25 years. “My goal with Hickory Dale Handcrafts is not only to provide the consumer with high quality, hand-made items, but to share my passion for using materials from days gone by. The character and quality that vintage materials bring to each unique item is not duplicated by new materials.”

In creating her “cottage chic” home décor, Marcia seeks out vintage Americana to use in its construction. Wooden cheese boxes, bobbins, metalworks, glass and pottery combine with turn of the century woven coverlets and old cutter quilts to give each finished piece a special quality that demonstrates the true value of owning one of Marcia’s hand-made, one-of-a-kind pieces.

In using vintage and antique materials, Marcia sews into the fibers of each unique product her passion for honoring the past while being mindful of the future, sharing her goal to Reuse, Recycle and Remember!


About the Company

Hickory Dale Handcrafts, celebrating its 15th year, is the venue for textile artist Marcia Messina. Every item you’ll find here is hand-made by Marcia from antique items and vintage textiles that she has found and re purposes into a one-of-a-kind product for home decorating or gift giving. Her handcrafted treasures are available for purchase on Ebay and Etsy. Clicking on a product will first take you to a detailed description of that product, and then on to the site where you are able to purchase.

Located in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, some of Hickory Dale Handcrafts items are available on-site at a handful of local stores. Hickory Dale Handcrafts participates in several shows in the New England area. You can learn about our show schedule elsewhere on this website.

We encourage you to provide your email so that we may keep you posted regarding our show schedule and new products. Simply click the link on the bottom of any page.