Add some floral elegance to any flat surface in your home by displaying this lovely white electric candle bowl filled to the brim with amazing wood flower blossoms! These beautiful flowers are not made from trees, but from the root of the tapioca plant! The blossoms are soft and delicate; therefore, they should be lightly dusted with air to keep them from being damaged. They each have been dyed to perfection in an array of subtle colors: light blue, dark blue, bright blue, deep magenta, light magenta, goldenrod and natural wood. A few sprigs of artificial greenery add just a bit of contrast! In the middle of the arrangement is an electric candle with a silicone bulb. The candle is part of the bowl, and the bottom will easily turn to wherever you need the wire to be plugged in. This would make a lovely centerpiece for year round enjoyment. It measures approximately 7″ tall (not including the silicone bulb) and 7″ in diameter.