After a dull snowy winter, the bright yellow sunshine is a welcome sight!  Why not add this beautiful spring/summer color to your home’s indoor decor?  Our little wooden bee will greet you with a “Hi Honey” and start each day on a note as bright as the yellow mug (that reminds me of a honey comb) that it is displayed in!  The honey bee has a backdrop of faux greenery and yellow flowers and is secured in the ceramic cup along with two well stuffed hearts created from an ANTIQUE woven coverlet (probably late 1880’s to early 1900’s) in lovely yellow wool and white cotton threads!  Each heart has a golden jingle bell sewn to its center.  In between the hearts is a cluster of yellow pip berries.  Measuring approximately 14″ high by 8″ wide, this lovely floral arrangement will brighten up any flat surface in your home!  “Bee” sure to grab it soon!  There is sure to be lots of “buzz” about it!